Joel Colls

Candidate for Ferny Grove

Hi, I'm Joel, and I'm excited to be your Greens candidate for Ferny Grove.

I've lived in Ferny Grove for over 20 years. I attended local State Primary and State High Schools and have worked in numerous jobs here. I feel closely connected to our community.

I've watched our electorate change, and seen our community grow and change within it. But I haven't seen our local representatives present a plan for an exciting and compelling future.

As a young person, I'm concerned about the future for Queenslanders coming out of this Covid-19 pandemic. Will we return to the old political parties siding time and time again with corporations over the interests of the very people who voted for them? Or will we finally hit reset, and have the kind of politics that will create a better life for all of us?

Before this pandemic, Queensland already had the worst unemployment numbers Australia wide, especially for young people. Across the country, more young Australians are unemployed now than at any time before December 1993. 

I'm passionate about job creation for those left behind, and I'm proud to align myself with the party that has the best interests of workers at the top of the agenda. The Greens have a comprehensive plan focusing on sustainable, meaningful, and secure job creation as a key priority. 

We can build a better future by creating thousands of world-class jobs through universal and publicly-owned essential services. 

Now is the time to build social housing, fight for universal public health systems, fund public transport, and build publicly-owned cheap, sustainable renewable energy sources. We can have all this and more by making mining corporations and multinational companies pay their fair share. 

The LNP and ALP would rather cozy up to those same tax-avoiding companies and accept their substantial corporate donations. The Greens don't take corporate donations, so we serve the community instead. When you vote to elect us, you can count on us to do what we say we will.

With more Greens in Queensland Parliament, we can secure a better future for all of us. Will you join our movement?