Johanna Kloot

Candidate for the Senate

Hi, I'm Johanna, but my friends call me Jo. I want to represent all Queenslanders in the Australian Senate.

I know Queensland well from my time as a charter pilot in the 1980s, enjoying the warm friendliness and honest conversation Queenslanders are known for. I know what matters to Queenslanders in the bush and in the cities.

As an international airline pilot, I travelled the world. I learned that people are generally good and well-intentioned – but don't always act on correct or truthful advice.

When I heard the leader of the Greens declare that climate change was the number one issue, I looked closely at Greens policies and found I was in agreement. I then joined the party! I was studying a degree in sustainability at the time and was driven to learn about climate change after my brother had his first son. I became an aunty on a mission.

Having run businesses for most of my life, I'm pleased with the balanced attitude of the Greens policy approach. I love that we are not subject to corporate pressure – simply because we don’t take corporate donations. I think it is time for society to remind political parties who really holds power and represent the interests of communities, not lobbyists.

I have lived in FNQ for 18 years and run a sustainability software company. I proudly employ local people, rather than hiring out work to offshore providers. I advocate for the local economy by making a case for spending at the local business rather than super-chains, whose profits are being spent in another city, or even another country.

With the Greens in the Senate, I hope to build a future for all of us, no matter if we live in the bush or the cities.