Hi, I’m John.

For most of my life, I have worked as a natural scientist. Work in mining, agriculture and the environment has taken me throughout Queensland. I’ve lived in many regional and remote areas during my working life. I enjoy the lifestyle in these communities and have a deep respect for the people who live there.
I do not come from a political background and never thought I would ever run for public office. It is much easier to leave political matters to someone else.  But the failure of leadership and integrity by politicians who are supposed to represent us is simply not acceptable. We all desperately need an alternative vision. That’s why I want to ensure the people of Nanango have the opportunity to vote Green.
In these troubled times, it is important that we can see a way forward for our families and communities. The Greens have a plan to revitalise regional areas and ensure everyone has access to the services they need to have a good life. We want to build bulk-billing GP clinics throughout Queensland, and make well-funded public schools and hospitals accessible to everyone. We want to build enough social housing to ensure everyone can have a home, invest in top-quality publicly owned renewable energy infrastructure, and build new factories so we can produce our own solar panels, wind turbines and green steel right here in Queensland. This will revitalise our manufacturing and construction industries and create thousands of jobs across Queensland.
If you want real change, vote Greens this election.