John Meyer

Candidate for Clayfield

Hi, I’m John.

I’m standing to be the next Member for Clayfield because I’m sick to death of the LNP taking this seat for granted. They call it a “blue ribbon seat”. Well, that just makes me want ice cream. 

Our community is calling out for an end to the stale old politics that has left us feeling ignored. We saw massive swings to the Greens at the last state election in 2017, but that was just the beginning. This election, our community has a massive opportunity to get itself heard and bring genuine, grassroots representation to our neighbourhood.

Suburb names like Ascot and Hamilton might conjure up images of expensive homes and lavish lifestyles, but stereotypes can get in the bin. The Clayfield electorate is a diverse community of renters, owners, the uber rich, people living pay to pay, and everyone in between. 

We have more in common with each other than we do with mining and banking CEOs or careerist politicians. No matter our circumstances, we all share the same need for a society and economy that makes sure everyone has an affordable home, a good steady job, free universal health and education, fast and cheap public transport, all driven by 100% publicly owned clean energy. 

As a musician plying my trade in the pubs and clubs of Queensland, Australia and all over the world, I’ve seen how important it is to bring people together, think creatively, build and lead teams, find solutions, and adapt to challenges and problems. When the world plunged into crisis in 2020, we saw how heavily we rely on the arts for healing, social cohesion and making meaning. 

My experience as a creative has led to work with universities, hospitals and organisations fighting for ecological and social justice. This work has confirmed my commitment to handling any situation with a creative outlook. Politics is all about problem-solving, and that requires both a clear vision and an ability to bring together diverse opinions. Artists have always been the greatest visionaries, and it is time for the stale old guard in stiff suits to stand aside. 

People are tired of corporate politicians who work for big business, not our community. It’s time for real representation and to create the change that we need for a fairer society. 

That’s what I’ll bring to the electorate of Clayfield and the Queensland Parliament. A different way of thinking. An independent, creative voice. I’ll fight with you to clean up politics, get rid of the influence of big money, put people before profits, and do everything I can to fix our broken political system, so it works for everyone.

It’s time for our community to be heard.