Jordan Hall

Candidate for Forde

​​My name is Jordan, and I'm running as the Greens candidate for Forde. 

I'm a proud Western Wakka Wakka man who has lived in the Logan area since 2010. I work as a tutor and teacher aide, study secondary education, and volunteer as a youth mentor. I'm passionate about the well-being of people and our planet, and I believe that everybody deserves a fair go and a decent life

Our region contains diverse and precious wildlife habitats, including the Eagleby Wetlands, threatened by the Coomera Connector. Thousands of native animals call this area home, including koalas, wallabies, frogs, and more than 200 species of bird. 

But the Lib/Nat Government has introduced laws that further weaken our environmental protections. They've made it easier for property developers and big mining corporations to destroy the environment and harm our native wildlife to make a quick buck. 

As long as both Labor and the Libs/Nats continue to accept massive donations from the fossil fuel lobby, their ability to make decisions in the interests of people and the environment is compromised. The Greens will continue to lead the fight for robust environmental protection laws and hold the government to account.

Young people are worried about the future, with good reason. We understand the climate crisis and know how badly successive Labor and Liberal governments have failed us. Many of us want to go to university or TAFE but worry about the debt we will be taking on. Even with qualifications, we are entering the workforce into low paying, casualised jobs that we could lose without notice. We struggle to pay the bills, and the future looks grim. 

It doesn't have to be this way. We can have free, life-long education and training for everyone and mental and dental health under Medicare. We can take action on climate change that doesn't leave anyone behind. We can build enough social housing to ensure everyone has a roof over their heads and strengthen rights for renters in the meantime.

It breaks my heart that young people have lost faith that we will live happy, healthy lives - but it inspires me to fight for the world we will inherit. 

 Together we can elect a government that fights for the people instead of toadying to billionaires and big corporations. Together, we are unstoppable. 

Will you join me?