Joshua Sanderson

Candidate for McDowall

I'm a video game developer and entrepreneur who values the use of science and evidence in all areas of life.

I want to use our incredible age of technology to bring happiness, prosperity and community to all. I'm passionate about the digital economy and all it can bring to our city.

Brisbane often doesn't give us any other option for getting around than by car. This puts a lot of pressure on our roads and causes inefficient use of our public money. The City Council needs to give us the freedom to choose safe, convenient, reliable and affordable alternatives to driving. Our city can't stand being choked with traffic and expensive road-widening projects which only encourage car use any more. Be it a bus, a ferry, a bike, or simply walking, we should have a range of choices to get around, not just the car.

Council is the best place to really activate our community and build grass-roots democratic decision making. I completely believe in bringing our community together and making it work for all of us, not just those who already have the power.

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