Hi, I'm Josie

I have lived and grown up in Algester, Calamvale and Parkinson my whole life. Most of my early education was at Algester Primary School and St Stephens Primary School. Not only do I know this community, but I have been a part of it all my life. 

I remember planting trees at Sheep Station Gully in grade 5 and playing at Col Bennett park on the weekends with my family and friends. I remember when Parkinson was surrounded by lush bushland, and I'm deeply aware of the devastating amount cleared over the last 15 years.

I'm running in this election because I believe it is time our area is represented by a fresh face. Someone who is passionate about the people who live here and the issues we face. Someone who is passionate about creating change through progressive, forward-thinking ideas that support and sustain our communities.

As a woman of colour, first-generation Australian and daughter of a powerful single mother, I am dedicated to representing and uplifting our increasingly multicultural community. I am further committed to being a staunch ally to marginalised people and to give support to all I would hope to represent.

As a young woman, I understand the need for the younger generations to be heard. Young people are feeling hopeless and disillusioned. They want to engage with politics, and I want to give them a voice to express their needs and empower them to fight for global change at a local level. Climate change is the biggest existential threat we face, and I see it through a class and anti-colonial lens.

I recognise and acknowledge that I have grown on Yugarapul land that was never ceded. I am dedicated to finding ways our First Nations community can be supported and empowered by systems that too often fail us. 

Now is the time to bring hope to all those who feel abandoned by politics. We can create thousands of good, secure jobs, with truly free public education, reliable and free public transport, and affordable housing. We can build an economy based on renewable energy that leaves nobody behind. And we can have all these things and more if big banks, mining corporations and developers pay their fair share in taxes and royalties

No matter the outcome of the election, I hope my candidacy in Algester will serve to empower folks of all walks to become advocates for the change they want to see.