Kirsten Lovejoy

Candidate for McConnel

Hi, I'm Kirsten, your Greens candidate for McConnel.

People are fed up with politics, and I don’t blame them. It no longer represents our common interests because Labor and the LNP take millions of dollars in corporate donations. But we can change that.

The Greens are the only party to refuse corporate donations, so if I win I’ll fight for you. It’s what I’ve done for 15 years as a local, while raising my family. I was president and vice president of the Central State School P&C and have spent years volunteering for local community groups, working to stop bad development, allowed under laws written by Labor and the LNP.

But if we want to change politics, we need to elect representatives who will fight for us and our community. Grace Grace has overseen chronic underfunding of public education, while Labor’s decision to freeze mining royalties means ordinary people will pay for this crisis.

We have a plan to fully fund public health and education, and create tens of thousands of jobs by investing in crucial public infrastructure, renewable energy and reviving local manufacturing.

Queensland is a wealthy state, but right now that wealth is concentrated in the hands of mining billionaires and bankers.

The Greens will fund our plan by finally making big mining corporations, banks and developers pay their share in tax to raise $68 billion over four years. On the next page I’ve included our full plan.

After 40 years of Labor in McConnel, people are ready for change. The Greens now only need a 803 extra votes to win – and your vote could make all the difference.