Kirsty Petersen

Candidate for Macalister


Hello, my name's Kirsty.

I am running as your Green's candidate for Macalister because I want to give my neighbours and fellow Queenslanders a real alternative.

Like many of us, I am a parent. I know the struggles of managing work and kids and the demands of our modern life. It's hard to keep digging into our pockets for things like healthcare and education. I'm worried about what my children will face when they finish school - will they find quality employment, will they be able to afford housing, electricity, water and transport. I grew up in a regional town, and when I talk to people, it seems like Logan is forgotten by our State Government, just like my hometown of Bundaberg.

My work in family law highlights the importance of family. Some of our families in Macalister are in crisis, and others are just getting by. I want to do more for those of us who need a bit of extra support, and I want to ensure that quality, free public education enables our kids to have a better life than some of us are currently experiencing.  

When things are going well, I want us to be able to enjoy the benefits of our hard work and not worry that it could all be turned on its head by an unexpected bill or health emergency.

Logan is a wonderful place to live and work, and we shouldn't have to queue on the M1 just to get into the City. We need better and more reliable public transport, less congestion on our major routes and a focus on building bike and walking paths.

Our suburbs are in the midst of a housing boom - but at what cost? Developers are adding jobs to our community, but we're suffering due to a lack of infrastructure while they earn millions. We can have well designed, sustainable, publicly owned housing with proper infrastructure. The Greens have a plan, and we need an opportunity to put it into action.

We need to move away from a Government that just helps its donor mates towards one that puts the people first. Let's build a sustainable Queensland with jobs, healthcare and education for all of us.  

I'm proud to be part of this movement. Please join me.