Hello, my name is Lachlan.

I have lived in the Logan area since 2004 and work for one of Australia's largest employers. 

I have been interested in politics from a very young age. But it seems that politicians are taking us for granted, and are more interested in looking after their big donors than the people who elected them. 

We live in challenging times. Now, more than ever, we need our state government to put people first. Let's create universal access to essential services to improve our lives and build a fairer society. 

There is a desperate need for affordable housing for everyone and the elimination of poverty and homelessness. Everyone in Queensland and should have a safe and affordable place to call home. It is my greatest hope to see the end of homelessness.

We can have more bulk-billing doctors, truly free public education and free public transport. 

All of this and more is easily in reach, just by making mining corporations pay their fair share in royalties for selling our resources.

Together we can build a better and fairer future for us all.