Lawson McCane

Candidate for Moggill 

Hi, I'm Lawson. 

I am a Law, Ancient History, and Political Science Graduate from the University of Queensland who has been involved in politics in Queensland for over ten years. I was born and raised on the Gold Coast before moving to West Brisbane many years ago, and much of my extended family lives in North Queensland. My background has given me a deep understanding of our state. 

The first election I participated in was the 2007 election. I was excited by the potential for action on climate change. But continued inaction by the major parties has meant I've been part of the Greens ever since

I have clerked in both criminal and corporate law firms during my time as a student. My passion for working with people and using my legal skills drove me to work as an organiser against Adani in the 2015 election. I'm now a union organiser, and represent members at industrial commissions and provide high-level industrial advice.

I believe that good government is about protecting our families, our economy, and our unique Queensland viewpoint. I am passionate about evidence-based policymaking. I think that all too often politicians do not pay attention to the available science or data

People should feel involved and informed about governmental processes and how political decisions affect their everyday lives. If elected, I would create public forums to ensure they are empowered to do so. 

Will you join me in our people-powered movement for real change?