Hello, my name is Liam. 

I have resided in the Logan region since 2002 and operate an online business, inspiring people to build their lives through new beginnings and opportunities that promote empathy and sustainability.

The current political landscape in Queensland is incredibly challenging. We face a global pandemic, ongoing climate change and now a significant economic crisis. It is easy for governments to take advantage when the population is scared and frightened.

The people of Logan need a new voice to hold the Government to account, and to call for services that improve our lives and support our economy. We can have affordable social housing, homelessness services, renter’s rights, public transport accessibility, renewable job opportunities and career training for the 21st Century. 

The Greens represent the values that I always try to uphold myself and are the long-term solution to Logan’s future. I hope you will join me in building a future for all of us.