Lissy Gavranich

Candidate for Coomera


Hi, I'm Lissy.

I work full time as an Operations Coordinator and have a background in IT. Before that, I worked in the music industry, supporting Australian musicians. I'm married, and we have a beautiful little toddler. 

I'm passionate about helping people, and like most parents, I want to see the world become a better, safer place for our children to grow up.

So many people I speak to in our community tell me that they don't feel represented in politics. They think that their voices don't matter to politicians. I'm here to tell you - your voice matters, and I hear you

Our community doesn't care about making mining billionaires richer. We care about getting to work on time, putting food on the table, and paying our bills every week. 

We care about how long it takes to get to see a doctor at a bulk billing clinic. We care about where we are supposed to park our cars on narrow streets in overdeveloped areas. We care about the safety of the schools that our kids go to, and how much giving them a quality public education will cost us. 

The people have had enough of "business as usual". Now is the time for our politicians to get back to what they were elected to do - serve the community that elected them. 

Together we can make a difference, and create a better future for all of us.