Mickey Berry

 Candidate for Groom


Hi, my name is Mickey.

I've worked locally in customer service for almost a decade, allowing me to talk to community members from many walks of life. Over the years, I've listened to their stories, concerns, and hopes about the future. Often they feel that the government has failed them and our region. 

With rental vacancies here sitting at 1%, the cost of housing soaring, and the ongoing pandemic, many families are being pushed below the poverty line and into homelessness. It's even more challenging for the growing disabled community. 

The Greens have a long-term plan to build affordable, accessible housing for all to combat this crisis, and we'll strengthen and protect renter's rights in the meanwhile. 

As an advocate for plant and wildlife conservation, I understand how important climate action is. Severe weather events like fires and floods are becoming more frequent and intense, and our local water supply is only guaranteed for another thirty years, drastically impacting farming and agriculture

By subsidising the wages of coal workers who transition into new jobs in green metal processing and critical mineral mining, we can mitigate climate change, secure employment, and secure the future of our key industries. Nobody loses. 

I believe we can make a real difference in our community and country by kicking out the current government and electing enough Greens to force the next one to do better. This election is our chance to make our voices heard and implement real changes that make life better for all of us

Politicians often ignore young people or disregard what we have to say. I am honoured to have this opportunity to run and be a part of the change we need. 

Together, we are powerful.