Miranda Bertram

Candidate for Hamilton

Hi, I'm Miranda, and I'm your Queensland Greens candidate for Hamilton Ward in the upcoming Brisbane City Council election.

I've lived on the northside for most of my life and look forward to spending many more years in this beautiful community.

I can remember my high school years, when my mother was a struggling single parent, being forced to move from the inner north to the Ferny Grove area when rent broke past the $160 per week mark. Twenty years later, renting a house costs a lot more than $160. I am fortunate to be back in this part of town and it has been through luck, rather than housing here being affordable.

I'm a performing artist and PhD candidate. Most people in my situation are locked out of the opportunity to be a homeowner. I know I am lucky to be where I am, but I don't believe that luck should be the deciding factor. Opportunity should be available to everyone, and that takes political courage and serious political action to fix.

Opening opportunities up on the northside does not have to mean lowering the quality of life and degrading the unique culture which has emerged here. A big part of the problem is over-development and sub-standard building projects which create homes which are unpleasant, unhealthy and will not stand the test of time.

The profiteering of developers and their failure to contribute sufficiently to the public purse is heaping pressure on infrastructure. This results in compounding traffic congestion and pushes already inadequate services stretched to breaking point.

The story has been the same for decades and, despite the promises, politicians continue to fail to deliver for the people of Brisbane.

It is time to cut the nonsense and end the predictable, table tennis match of power as it is batted back and forth between the major parties.

As the elected representative for Hamilton, I will break up the fun and games of the old, major parties and do what is right for the community. I will work tirelessly to get corporate donations out of politics. I will commit to breaking the direct line of influence from the wealthy elite to our political system.

People before profit.

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