Neil Cotter

Candidate for Rankin

Hi, I’m Neil and I’m your Greens candidate for Rankin.


I've grown up, gone to school, lived and worked my whole life locally. I've been a librarian at Griffith University for the past seventeen years. 

I first became active in politics when confronted in the early 1990s by the threat of climate change. Since then, that threat has been realised and worsened by the corrupt influence of vested interests and the political duopoly

More than thirty years of neoliberalism under both Labor and the Liberals have undermined our democracy and the basic principle of fairness fundamental to the Australian character. It must end

A tiny minority of billionaires benefit from an ever-increasing concentration of wealth. The vast corporations they control possess extraordinary access and influence over politicians and officials, who have rigged the system against ordinary people.

We can achieve full employment, save our public education and public health services, and deal with climate change - but to do so will require rescuing our democracy.

The Greens refuse to take money from the corporations - so we can govern in the interests of ordinary people

Everyone deserves universal access to healthcare, education, and housing. We can have a fair, safe, community-focused society and a clean environment. 

Billionaires and corporations must pay their fair share of taxes to get us there. Banning corporate donations to political parties will help restore our democracy and keep their influence out of politics. 

This time, vote Greens.