Nelson Quinn

Candidate for Surfers Paradise


Hi, I'm Nelson.

I grew up on a farm in country Queensland and later was a farmer for twenty years in New South Wales. My background makes it easy to understand 'country-city' division issues. It helps me appreciate what a sustainable future might look like.

I have spent many years working on legal, environment and heritage issues with national, state and local governments, and with international organisations and community groups. Working with the people on our far-flung island territories on social well-being issues was a highlight. 

The Gold Coast is a great place to live and work, but we are seeing far too many people suffering more than ever. The COVID19 crisis has exposed so many flaws in our society. On top of that, my Surfers Paradise patch is in the frontline of increasing climate change and current floods and storms. Green spaces and koalas are falling by the wayside all across the Coast. Yet our 'leaders' carry on as if nothing is happening.

It's high time we forced our government to try to come to grips with the challenges we now face. Think climate change, health, economic disruption, unfairness for too many. These crises matter enormously to me because I want a great future for my children and grandchildren and for everyone else here now and born tomorrow.

We have an unexpected and unparalleled opportunity to build a better future. It must be based on sustainable industry, a fairer society and community well-being. It won't happen if we don't fight for it. 

We must fight for political decisions that provide a better life for all of us. They must not be tainted by pandering to vested interests. Governments need to get back to their core business of direct involvement in basic service provisions such as energy, water and housing supply.

Let's unleash the talent and skills that abound in this city of Gold Coast, and everywhere else in Queensland.