Nicola Gordon

Candidate for Runcorn

I'm Nicola Gordon, and I'm your Greens candidate for Runcorn.

I love the emerging cultural vibrancy of Brisbane, the green spaces, and the relative cleanliness and safety of Brisbane city and its suburbs. I want a future for Brisbane that is accessible, affordable and sustainable as we continue to develop.

I have worked in education for many years, mostly with international students. Working with agents, students, and their families has shown me how Brisbane is experienced through fresh eyes.

Brisbane is such an appealing destination, but we are falling behind other cities and neglecting the many gifts that a diverse community offers all of us.

As long as our Councillors are supported by corporate donors, they are not representing the interests of the people in their electorates. It is time for politicians to serve the whole community, not just developers.

I stand for real community say on development and pub-test accountability in the use of taxpayer rates. We can have more green spaces and cultural hubs, and a public transport system which offers a more accessible and affordable option than driving.

Let's build a Brisbane for all of us. Will you help me?

How to vote for Nicola