Nicole Cornish

Candidate for Hinkler

Hi, I'm Nicole, and I'm thrilled to be your Greens candidate for Hinkler.

I'm a dedicated social services professional, small business owner and parent of a young child with a commitment to fighting for a fairer future for all. 

As a long-term resident of the Fraser Coast, I understand the challenges facing our communities. I'm a passionate advocate for social justice, protecting the planet, and equality of opportunity.

When I finished high school, I realised what the cold hard reality of social inequality and environmental degradation means for my generation. I wanted to support my community at a grassroots level, so I completed a degree in human services. Since then, I've worked in child welfare and disability support. My experiences have made it abundantly clear that politics is key to achieving real change - because politicians make decisions that directly influence our quality of life. That's why I want to be your representative in parliament.

I believe we deserve much better. Better work opportunities, better health care, better access to housing and a better future for our children. I can no longer sit by as wealth distribution becomes increasingly unequal, crucial social services go underfunded, and the political class ignores the climate change crisis. 

In Hinkler, where unemployment is among the highest in the country, vulnerable people's benefit payments are controlled under the discriminatory cashless debit card scheme causing them further hardship. This must stop

I'm eager to play my part in creating a fair, prosperous, and compassionate future for all Australians. The Greens will ensure that corporations and the super-wealthy pay their fair share of tax. 

Our plan will fund expanding Medicare to cover dental and mental health care. And it will fully fund our public schools and fix the social housing crisis. 

The transition to a low emissions economy will lead to a considerable increase in employment in new manufacturing enterprises and services. We won't leave thermal coal workers or communities behind. We need a new vision and new leadership to secure the economic, social, and environmental conditions that will drive Australia into a prosperous future

The time for change is now. The people of the Hinkler electorate deserve a proactive, passionate representative with a new approach to be their voice for our future.

I'm ready to be that voice.