Pat Walsh

Candidate for Ipswich Mayor

My name is Pat Walsh and I am very excited to be the candidate for Mayor for Ipswich and Lockyer in the upcoming Council elections. 

I have lived in Ipswich since 2000, when my wife and I relocated from London with our three children to become part of the Ipswich community.

As a professional Chartered Accountant, I have been very lucky to work in both commercial and non-governmental organisations at a senior level for over nearly 30 years.

Like you, I am dismayed at the rampant corruption that has been seen in Ipswich local politics. And like our community, I say enough is enough. Ipswich is yearning for political integrity and principled leadership, from a person with roots in the community, practical experience and skills in governance, probity and team building.

Ipswich needs someone like me who will demand that our environment is respected, that all of our cultural groups especially our first Nations Peoples are active participants, that sustainable development and transport are encouraged and civic pride is rebuilt.

If you share my vision for Ipswich, please join my campaign. Together, we can do this.