Pat Walsh

Candidate for Ipswich

Hi, I'm Pat. 

I am lucky to have had a long career and great experiences working in both commercial and NGO organisations at a senior level over nearly 30 years. I have a great faith in humanity to tackle the major challenges we all face, with compassion and care for each other. I believe it is vital for our politicians to build hope based on reason and progress founded on social justice.

When I came to Ipswich 20 years ago, with my wife and three kids, I was amazed at what this vibrant community had to offer. We have been the beneficiaries of a great sporting and cultural fabric that came from a fabulous heritage. Our community has been betrayed!

Right now Ipswich is contending with massive waste dumps and a proposed toxic incinerator in our midst, rampant developers profiting from cosy relationships in Government, climate change impacts from fires and floods and failures in our basic systems of health and education. 

Now is the time for Ipswich to turn its back on parties that take cash for access, undermine our democracy, and leave the people behind. The Greens have a plan to tackle these multiple failures and build an economy and society where Ipswich and all of Queensland can thrive.

Ipswich deserves better!