Patsy O'Brien

Candidate for Miller 

Hello, my name is Patsy and I am excited to be your Greens candidate for Miller.

I have lived in Yeronga and surrounding suburbs for over a decade, and I am passionate about making our local area more vibrant, liveable, accessible and sustainable for everyone.

I was born into social housing and a working-class family struggling to make ends meet on Brisbane's southside. For the last eleven years, I was the General Manager of a family-owned heavy machinery business in Brisbane's South. I have over twenty years of experience in public and private sector administration and management. 

I now work as a Union Organiser, and volunteer for groups advocating for and helping marginalised and disadvantaged people. The skills I have gained from these broad experiences have empowered me to be a straightforward and clear voice for all of us.

I passionately believe that everyone, regardless of their background, has a right to access affordable housing with cheap, publicly owned electricity, quality education, world-class healthcare, reliable public transport, and nutritious food on the table.

I'm all too aware of the mounting challenges facing everyday Australians: insecure work, cost of living that is sky-rocketing, and negative wage growth – all while CEO salaries and corporate profits are soaring to record heights. 

We can have more accessible and affordable public transport and sustainable development by making developers pay their fair share to ensure adequate infrastructure.

We can tackle growing inequality. We can ban corporate donations to political parties and make corporations pay their fair share of tax so that we can fix this broken system and build a future for all of us

The Greens don't take donations from corporations – which ensures that I will be a voice for our community. It also means I need your support, so if you'd like to join our movement to turn Miller Green by volunteering or donating, please get in touch.