Hi, I'm Peter. 

I migrated to Australia from England in 1973, and I have lived in South East Queensland for 24 years. My wife Jocelyn, my younger son Carl and I now live in the Currumbin Valley. My older son, Jason, has been making the roads safe in our mountain hinterland by removing loose boulders from cliffs above and my daughter, Celeste, works as a doctor in indigenous health on Stradbroke Island.

I bring a wealth of business and engineering skills and experience to serve the people of Currumbin, where we have great opportunities in new renewable energy and efficient technology.

I have a doctorate in psychology and an honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering. I've worked as a computer designer, university lecturer, consultant to the United Nations, science researcher and policy adviser, and now run my own small business.

I believe my skills and experience can serve the people of Queensland. In my extensive involvement in working for the people of Australia, I have worked with medical consumer groups, in community planning, the peace movement, and was involved in establishing one of the earliest green groups.

When I migrated to Australia, it was the country of the fair go, but now many Queenslanders are struggling. We need to reverse this and create a fairer more socially equitable Queensland and rebuild our state following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Greens have a solid plan for a fairer Queensland with real and effective action on global warming. We can have better town planning, affordable public housing, integrated public transport, more jobs in renewable energy, more investment in training and education and fair access to free health care.

Our region deserves political representation that will represent the interests of ordinary people.