Hi, I'm Pietro.

I was born in Italy and studied anthropology and philosophy before coming to Australia in 1969. I married here in 1970. The next two decades saw me spending some months each year in New Guinea pursuing my interest in studying the art and culture of the various tribal groups of the Sepik River.

A childhood dream was to make pizzas professionally so in 1992, my wife Desley and I created the Schonell Pizza Caffe at the University of Queensland at St Lucia. I enjoyed my time there immensely, coming into contact with students and academics from all over the world. We retired in 2006 and up until COVID hit this year, we enjoyed sharing our culinary skills at cooking classes held at our home in Rathdowney.

I acknowledge First Nations people have a unique relationship with the land and water. I respect their rights as custodians of our country, and I look forward to the day when treaties recognising continuing occupation and sovereignty are formalised.

I have always been an active environmentalist and have been a member and supporter of many conservation and environmental organisations. I am in the enviable position of living amongst millions of trees here in the Australian bush. We have been self-sufficient in electricity for over 20 years and I would love to help everyone have the satisfaction of generating their own power.

All Queenslanders deserve access to cheap, reliable energy powered by renewables. We can make this happen by building 100% publicly owned renewable energy by 2030. And we'll create 23,000 jobs a year across our state doing it. 

The Greens have a socially responsible economic recovery plan for Queensland. We'll bring back local manufacturing, ban corporate donations to end corporate control of politics and guarantee free healthcare and education. We can have a better, more equal future. 

It is important that we all strive towards making our society transition from an unsustainable age to a sustainable one. By working together, we can build a better future for all of us.