Rachel Mebberson

Candidate for Burleigh

Hello, my name's Rachel. 

I'm an environmental science graduate who has lived and worked on the Gold Coast for nearly a decade. I'm a young woman, a renter and casually employed in two jobs. I know how hard it is to find meaningful work with stable hours and income and that the essentials of life are getting harder and harder to access.

I'm running as your Greens candidate for Burleigh because I want to represent people like me, who are fed up with the state of politics. We want our community voices heard loudly where it matters most. 

But the values I hold dear are almost absent in parliament. And when I look around our electorate, I see developers profiting at the cost of our sense of community by building massive, out of character, high-rises all along our beachfront. Our community and our environment are suffering while corporate donors profit.

Right now, it's easy to feel powerless. Politicians aren't representing you and me, but instead working for their corporate donors. I've had enough. I want to put the power back into the hands of the people. Now is the time for a fairer society and economy. We can have improvements to our local public transport system. We can have more social housing and more public ownership. And we can have deliberate and science-based action on climate change. 

The Greens have a comprehensive plan for Queensland and we need Greens MPs to make it happen. If you think politics needs to change, please join our movement. I'd love to have you on board our campaign.