Richard Ogden

Candidate for Pumicestone

Hi, I'm Richard.

I’ve put my hand up to run as your Greens candidate for Pumicestone because we need honest politics in Queensland more than ever.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries and small business. My experience in public relations, event management, media production and teaching has made me a good listener and given me insight into how best to represent and amplify the voices of our community. I’ve run a successful chamber of commerce and campaigned to restore the Murray-Darling Basin.

Recent natural disasters and the current health and economic crises have revealed severe flaws in our system, and the fault lines we must repair to build a better future for all of us.

We now have a unique chance to pressure the Queensland Government to make our community values a priority in the economic recovery from the Covid-19 health crisisWe’ll create over 1,700 jobs a year in our region by building state-of-the-art new social housing and eradicate waiting lists and homelessness, and even more jobs building publicly-owned renewable energy infrastructure. Our plans for a new publicly-owned pharmaceutical company will ensure Queensland has access to life-saving new drugs and vaccines. 

Proper financial management doesn’t mean we must choose between looking after people and the environment and a prosperous economy. With smart, evidence-based policies, we can have both. We must treasure our natural wonders while promoting more sustainable industries

By refusing corporate donations, the Greens cannot be bought out by lobbyists pushing agendas or with vested interests. Instead, we represent the community. 

Together, let’s put these values front and centre this election.