Rob Walter

Candidate for Mansfield

Hi, I’m Rob.

I believe that a fair Queensland is possible. We can create a state where everyone has what we need to live a good life, like world-leading schools and secure, high-quality housing. I’m running for Mansfield because I think the 2020 election can be the first step along the path to better and fairer lives.

The electorate of Mansfield is tremendously lucky, with a beautiful natural environment and a safe, diverse community. However, growing inequality, climate change and habitat destruction threaten our way of life and the natural world we all rely on.

In 2011, I was so concerned about these threats that I changed career direction. I have always been committed to making the world a better place, including fighting for my rights as a gay man and working in education for most of my career, but I realised that just about every problem in the world has an economic element and I wanted to understand more.

I started an economics degree in 2011 as a mature age student, graduating in 2015 with first-class honours. What I discovered was that the lessons of economics are consistently ignored by governments. Appeasing media owners, maintaining elite networks and satisfying big donors all trump the concerns of ordinary Queenslanders.

From doomed privatisations to dodgy property deals, successive Queensland governments have risked the things that make the Mansfield area a wonderful place to live. We need to send a clear message to both of the old parties that we want the state to be governed for us, not for corporate donors or private school mates.

If you want to build a fairer Queensland, please join our movement.