Rolf Kuelsen

Candidate for Morningside

Hi, I'm Rolf and I'm your Greens candidate for Morningside.

I’m running for Morningside Ward to represent the interests of my community in Council over those of corporate donors. The Greens are the only party that will not take corporate donations so I can truly make the community’s voice heard in planning and development decisions. My campaign is being fully funded by proceeds raised from the Container Deposit Scheme (lots of cycling involved).

I am a retired business analyst and have been a community advocate in the local area for over fifteen years. As a member of two Brisbane City Council neighbourhood planning teams, former president of the local community farm and a passionate active transport advocate, I believe that the decision making in Council must be returned to the community

We have already seen the difference that a Green in Council can make with the fine work of Councillor for the Gabba, Jonathan Sri, in standing up against the old parties and their tired agenda. And so with your help we can take power back from the developers and fossil fuel companies and put the community first.

Will you join me?

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Rolf Kuelsen, candidate for Morningside

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