Rolf Kuelsen

Candidate for Bulimba

Hello, my name is Rolf.

I have lived in the Bulimba electorate for most of my life. I am passionate about making our local area more connected, equal, accessible and sustainable for everyone. I've been on several local Neighbourhood Planning teams and volunteered with local community farms and bush care groups. I've been an active transport and local food advocate for many years.

I was part of the generation that had free education all the way from Cannon Hill State School through to the University of Queensland, where I studied mathematics. It should be the right of everyone in our society to truly free education.

I was also a child of domestic violence when it was financially difficult to escape. I'm passionate about increasing our social housing stock and services to stop this from happening to more families.

Whether it was my working life or my personal life, I have always held the view that 'prevention is better than cure'. I travel by bicycle to maintain my health and reduce congestion. I've had solar panels and solar hot water for over ten years to reduce power bills. I harvest all my rainwater and compost all my green matter to reduce my waste. I've run a food buying group for over seven years, providing access to affordable, nutritious food and supporting local farmers to sustainably manage their land.

In this COVID-19 time, it is heartening to see our governments beginning to accept science and implementing preventative measures.  Imagine if we took this further, and applied this process to finally tackle climate change, congestion, incarceration rates, homelessness and other health issues, just to name a few.

The cost of living for ordinary Queenslanders sky-rocketing, work becoming more and more insecure and yet corporations are still giving massive donations to the old political parties.

We can create a jobs-rich, publicly-owned, 100% renewable-energy powered Queensland, with affordable housing for all and sustainable development. By making mining corporations and developers just pay their fair share, we can get there together. 

Will you join me?