Hi, I'm Sally. 

I'm running because I'm passionate about protecting our precious places and improving everyone's quality of life.

I grew up on the Gold Coast Hinterland and have a deep love for our magnificent area, with its unique climate and rich biodiversity. I have campaigned to preserve Australia's vanishing natural heritage and to protect animal rights. I will work to ensure the koala, our Queensland emblem, survives.

If we build our economy on the principles of long-term sustainability and science – rather than short-term self-interest and political point-scoring – we can protect both our regional ecosystems and have a prosperous economy.

We are in a global race against time on climate change. The Greens will ensure that all Queenslanders have access to affordable, publicly-owned electricity, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Our local public schools need additional funding so that they don't cost families so much money. In a rapidly changing world, TAFE should be free and never privatised. Everyone should be able to afford to retrain and have a better life.

I want to live in a Queensland where ordinary people can realise the dream of owning their own home through affordable housing, and renters treated fairly. No-one should have to endure prolonged homelessness. 

By building social housing across the state, the Greens will both create jobs and solve housing affordability to make sure our communities thrive. 

By making mining corporations pay their fair share, we can fund the essential and publicly-owned infrastructure like housing, schools, hospitals and the cheap, renewable energy we all deserve to help us thrive. 

When politics is free from the corrosive influence of political donations from lobbyists and mining companies, the community will finally come first. The Greens don't accept corporate donations for this very reason. 

I will work tirelessly for the people of Gaven to ensure no one is left behind as we face the social and economic challenges of COVID19.

Will you join our people-powered movement for change?