Sally Spain

Candidate for Currumbin by-election

Hi, I'm Sally. I'm running as your Greens candidate for Currumbin in this by-election because I'm passionate about protecting our precious places and improving everyone's quality of life.

I grew up on the Gold Coast Hinterland and have a deep love for our magnificent area, with its unique climate and rich biodiversity. I have campaigned to preserve Australia's vanishing natural heritage and to protect animal rights, and will work to ensure the koala, our Queensland emblem, survives.

If we build our economy on the principles of long-term sustainability and science – rather than short-term self-interest and political point-scoring – we can protect both our regional ecosystems and have a prosperous economy.

We are in a global race against time on climate change. The Greens will ensure that all Queenslanders have access to affordable electricity, powered by renewable energy.

Our local public schools need additional funding so that they don't cost families so much money. In a rapidly changing world, TAFE should be free and never privatised. Everyone should be able to afford to retrain and have a better life.

I want to live in a Queensland where ordinary people can realise the dream of owning their own home through affordable housing, where renters are treated fairly, and where no-one has to endure prolonged homelessness. Property developers should not be able to build without cohesive, publicly owned infrastructure to make sure our communities thrive. We all benefit when the needs of the community are put before the developer greed.

I'll work for a fair go for those struggling with home affordability and rising costs. With greater active, genuine community involvement in how our neighbourhoods develop, we can all feel like we belong.

I want to live in a Queensland where politicians are committed to social and environmental justice and are independent in their actions and decisions – free from the corrosive influence of political donations from big business such as property developers and mining companies.

As your Greens candidate, I will work tirelessly to maintain the distinctive character of Currumbin and to implement improvements to the State Planning Scheme Policies, which safeguard our natural environment.

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