Hey, I'm Scott, your candidate for Herbert.

I work in retail and as a security guard for pubs and clubs. If you've had a night out in Townsville, chances are that you've seen me working. I'm not a politician. I'm an everyday bloke working two jobs to get by. 

I grew up in Annandale, and I've spent my adult life here in Townsville working to help my community. I'm proud of the Townsville spirit and the hard-working, decent people that make this city what it is. Between the floods and the pandemic, we've seen first-hand how the community comes together to help each other out in times of need

It's time our representatives in Canberra reflected those values.

Right now, Australia is a nation of missed opportunities, where the wants of a handful of billionaires are placed above the needs of millions of everyday people. I am running for Herbert so that ordinary people can have a voice in parliament to fight for what really matters

We can build a future where the needs of the many outweigh the desires of the ultra-rich. We can live in future where community need, not corporate greed, drives the direction of our nation. We can secure a fairer society, one that values the fair go and leaves nobody behind. 

Australians deserve more than an endless parade of political rorts and scandals, while in the background, the rich get richer, and the basics we need to have a good life are harder and harder to afford. 

We can expand Medicare to cover dental and mental health. We can create manufacturing jobs through emerging technologies like Green Steel. We can build enough public homes to end the housing crisis and make sure everyone has a roof over their head. 

We can pay for these basics by making a handful of billionaires, and big corporations actually pay their fair share of tax, like the rest of us already do. 

This election will be remembered as the most pivotal in Australia's history and will decide the kind of country our future generations will grow up in. 

Together, we can bring Australia into a post-pandemic world that doesn't leave anyone behind. Together we can fight for a better future.

Will you join me?