Hi, my name is Sue

I grew up in Papua New Guinea into a family with a strong social conscience. I did my medical training in PNG and have worked in many parts of Australia, including working in remote Aboriginal communities, volunteering overseas and with MSF in Iraq with thousands of Syrian refugees in refugee camps.

I have lived in Cairns for 24 years and strongly believe in a sustainable, renewable economy that works with our environment, not against it. We can build publicly-owned solar panel and wind turbine factories that will provide thousands of jobs for Queenslanders, and be leaders not just Qld, but Australia and the world.

We'll do this by making the big mining corporations, developers and banks pay their fair share in tax and royalties and investing it in publicly owned manufacturing. For the last seven years, ten of the biggest mining corporations operating in Qld have paid either zero or less than 1% tax. This has to stop.

As a GP, I am acutely aware that our public health system does not have enough hospitals, hospital beds, nurses or doctors. We can fix this by collecting the unpaid taxes and royalties from mining billionaires. We all have a right to access high-quality universal free health care, especially in rural and regional Queensland. 

I am passionate about working alongside First Nations People to close the gap in health, education and life expectancy outcomes. We can get there by making our public schools truly free and properly resourced, setting up more accessible public health clinics, and building thousands of social homes.

Together, we can build a better future for all of us.