Hi, I'm Tara.

I'm a disability support worker and am studying law at QUT. I grew up in the Pine Rivers area and have lived in this community for more than 15 years. I've watched our community change and grow, as it has watched me grow.

I have grown up with a strong commitment to addressing the structural inequities that disadvantage vulnerable members of our community. My mother is a social worker and foster carer, and through both her work and my own I have seen how difficult life is for children in the care system, refugees, people with disabilities, homeless people and other marginalised members of our community. They desperately need more support, but their voices are seldom heard in our broken political system.

As a young person, I want a future in which Queensland supports people, not profits. A future with more social housing. A future with genuinely free state schools. A future with science-based action on climate change. And a future where representatives stand for and listen to all members of our community, rather than big corporations

Will you join me in creating a better future for everyone?