Hi, I'm Thomas.

I've lived in Toowoomba since I was three years old and I know what it's like to do it tough. I grew up in social housing, attended local public schools and saw first hand how the major parties ignore the needs of our community. This election we can change that.

Spending my entire life in this area, I've seen how our community sticks together. Whether through natural disaster, tragedy or COVID-19, we always band together to make sure our neighbours are cared for and supported.  

I'm sadly all too aware of the mounting challenges on ordinary people. This pandemic has worsened the economic challenges we are already facing. I've spent my life watching as school fees rise year on year, find myself and friends struggle to pay rent and see people forced to choose between keeping the fridge running, or putting food in it. It doesn't have to be like this. 

This election, we can change our State and ensure every single Queenslander has a decent life and the opportunity to succeed. 

We can tackle economic inequality, end the homeless crisis, ensure families get a break and protect our environment. We can do all of this by making the billionaires pay their fair share.

If this sounds like a future you want to fight for, get involved in our campaign for Toowoomba South. 

Only together, we can build a movement to change Queensland.