Thomas McKie

Candidate for Jamboree

Hello, my name is Thomas. I'm excited to be the candidate for Jamboree in the Council elections.

I once asked my mother: “Mum, what’s the meaning of life?” She replied: “To put more good into the world than what we take out.” Her answer stuck with me. It is why I want to represent my community and help others live happy, comfortable lives. 

Growing up in Hervey Bay, my parents had financial struggles. I was a part of the immigrant community through my mother, while being instilled with traditional Australian values through my father. I have a great appreciation and admiration for my parents’ courage and achievements. Lack of money causes stress and anxiety. This experience engraved economic and social justice into my core beliefs.

Like many of you, I am shocked by the corruption I see in our political system. The fossil fuel industry and other corporations funnel millions of dollars into our political process. Our representatives no longer represent us. They represent the highest bidder. 

Wealth inequality is the highest it's been in decades. We live in a country where a few people at the top have more money than thousands of us together will earn in our entire lives. Youth unemployment is huge. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck, with no option to save for the future, and yet our government lets corporations pay no tax on record profits.

The only way forward is to join together to fight for our future.

My campaign isn’t funded by special interests. It is people powered and people focused. It is built around empowering people to speak up, and ensuring all voices are heard.

This election, we can get more Greens into local government to speak for us - not big donors. I will push for action on the climate emergency, better, cheaper public transport, more green space, more safe crossings, affordable housing and putting decisions that affect our community back into our hands - not rich developers and corporations. 

Together, our campaign will create a better future for all of us. Will you join me? 

How to vote for Thomas