Hello, my name is Valerie.

I am a Logan local. I lived in the area in the '80s and moved back more than fifteen years ago. I love living here in our multicultural community.

I have had an interest in government and politics since I was a teenager in the Whitlam era. I now believe that the Greens have the best plan for Queensland. 

We all deserve better public services like free access to quality medical and dental services without the current punishing wait times. Public education should be totally free: no fees, no excursion, textbook costs or other hidden costs. 

We can have a more egalitarian state, with all of this and more. By making mining corporations pay their fair share in royalties for selling our resources, we can build a jobs-rich Queensland for all of us. 

I love the values and policies of the Greens and know that by working together, we can have a better, fairer future.