Wendy Aghdam

Candidate for Central 

Hi, I'm Wendy Aghdam, and I'm incredibly proud to represent our community as the Queensland Greens Candidate for Central Ward.

I was born just up the road in the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital and raised in the suburbs, but I have called the inner city my home for over 17 years. It's where I work, where I volunteer, and where my husband and I have chosen to raise our daughter.

As a Child and Youth Mental Health Nurse, I have worked with thousands of young Queenslanders, and their families, as their advocate, helping them navigate complex systems during stressful periods of their lives. I see the benefits of connected communities on human health and wellbeing, but I also see how poorly designed communities and services leave people stressed and isolated. I see the pressure families are under trying to get by, and I see governments at all levels failing to do all that they can to make peoples’ lives genuinely, materially better.

I am passionate about celebrating our diversity whilst building a more inclusive community. I prioritise people over corporations, and I want to ensure our neighbourhoods get a say on the decisions that impact them. 

And that’s why I’m running to win.

Brisbane City Council services and decisions impact all of us everyday; but after 19-years of LNP governance (and complacency), Council is well overdue a shake-up. 

The next local government election is poised to be a choice between the Greens and the LNP. 

The Greens were fewer than 1000 votes from winning Central Ward in 2020. In 2024 we’re aiming to finish the job.