A future for all of us

At the moment it seems like politics is completely disconnected from the things we actually care about. We can change this.

Better, Cheaper Public Transport

Think public transport is too expensive? We hear you. The Queensland Greens have a plan for $1 fares and to deliver a better, cheaper Public Transport network

A Home for All

It’s common sense that health care and education are universal and free - because they are basic necessities that we all need to live a good life.

Power for People

It’s pretty simple: we want an energy system run for people, not profit, saving you up to $600 per year.

The Plan to Stop Adani

Adani intends to build the largest coal mine in Australia. The Greens will not stop until this mine is stopped. Invest in renewables, not fossil fuels.

Ban Corruption

Whether it’s millions in donations, special cash meetings or cushy lobbyist jobs for ex-politicians, Labor and LNP represent their corporate mates, not Qlders.

Public Infrastructure

We'll invest $10 billion over five years in public infrastructure that we desperately need to create a jobs and investment boom across Queensland.

Rights for Renters

Not everyone can afford to buy a house, but we all deserve a place to call home.

Give Queenslanders a Break

Queenslanders deserve a break. The Queensland Greens will create four new public holidays, bringing the total to sixteen days per year.

Universal Childcare

Right now, for many families, early education and childcare is just for those who can afford to pay. It should be public, universal, and free.

Protecting Nature

The Greens support emergency measures to protect all native wildlife and ecosystems from coal and gas mining, property development and other threats.

Planning for People, not profit

Across Queensland, residents have lost control of their neighbourhoods. The Greens would fundamentally transform and democratise our planning system.

Vacancy Tax

The housing system against everyday Queenslanders. It's time to tax properties left deliberately vacant in order to build affordable housing.

Fair Share Plan

Queenslanders are doing it tough. Multi-national mining corporations should be made to pay their fair share.