The Plan to Stop Adani

Adani intends to build the largest coal mine in Australia. The Greens will not stop until this mine is stopped. Invest in renewables, not fossil fuels.

The Greens are the only party in Queensland fighting to stop Adani. 

The Adani Coal Mine threatens the survival of the Great Barrier Reef, will drain the Great Artesian Basin and clear 28,000 soccer fields of land.

Global warming kills people.  Labor’s Adani mine will trash the Reef and wreck our future and it will supercharge droughts, bushfires and extreme weather.  

The killer Adani coal mine would pump 7.7 billion tonnes of carbon pollution over its life, which is almost ten times Australia's current annual pollution. One Nation, Labor the LNP support this deadly mine.

Queensland Labor is giving Adani a royalty tax break worth between $370 million to $700 million.

The Adani group has a shocking overseas track record of environmental destruction. Several Adani companies are under investigation for money laundering, tax evasion, corruption and fraud. Many Adani companies are registered in the Cayman Islands tax haven.

The Greens stand alongside thousands of other everyday Queenslanders who are fighting to Stop Adani and kick big corporations out of politics.  

How we can Stop Adani

The Queensland government can stop Adani right now. They can do any of the following immediately:

  • Scrap the $300m tax break from the Queensland government

  • Back the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners in their fight against Adani to defend their land rights

  • Cancel Adani's licence to operate in Queensland on the basis of its shocking environmental and track record overseas and allegations of fraud, money laundering and corruption.

  • Cancel Adani's unlimited groundwater licence

  • Simply legislate to stop the mine

There is no “fine” or compensation payable if the Queensland government takes any of the above steps.  The above steps are completely consistent with the State government’s executive or legislative powers, and there is no “contract” which prevents the State from taking these steps.  

Can we take Adani to court?

Our Greens Member for Maiwar, Michael Berkman, spent many years at the Environmental Defenders Office fighting in court to make sure Queensland environment laws recognised the climate impacts of digging up and exporting thermal coal.

Unfortunately, in the Court of Appeal, lawyers for the Qld Labor government (working for Labor Minister Steven Miles) argued that Qld environment laws did not cover these impacts (i.e. 90% of the climate impacts from coal mine). Ironically, the government lawyers were defending the Qld approval of billionaire Gina Rhinehardt's massive Alpha coal mine in the Galilee Basin, right next door to Adani. The Labor government could have changed the Queensland law to fix this flaw at any time since 2015.

They haven't.

Labor has had four years since 2015 to start planning a transition away from thermal coal that taxes big corporations to secure jobs, housing and justice for regional Queenslanders. We won't get there by pretending coal will last forever, or that coal mines can "stack up" in 2019.

The best way to stop Adani is for the Queensland Labor government to step up and do the right thing. Now.

What are we doing to stop Adani?

Greens Member for Maiwar, Michael Berkman, introduced a bill to ban all coal mining in the Galilee Basin.

The Queensland Labor government opposed this bill.

How many jobs will Adani offer Queenslanders?

The Adani mine will be automated with driverless trucks. It is estimated there will be 1500 short-term jobs as the mine is built. After that, there will only be 100 long-term jobs for Queenslanders.

What about the endangered Black-Throated Finch?

The Queensland Labor government has approved Adani's Black-Throated Finch management plan. Just 28 days ago, the Department of Environment rejected that same plan based on an expert review by some of Australia’s top scientists.

The review has not been released. And we want to see it.

After all, Adani's "plan" is to "save" this endangered species by bulldozing its best remaining habitat and draining the springs it relies on. They claim they'll create a new area for the finch to live, just next door (underneath Clive Palmer's new coal mine)...

The craziest part of their plan is their scheme to compensate for the fact that they will drain springs, dams and creeks for miles around. In order to make sure the finches have enough water, they will be bringing it in .. by truck. For 30 years. After that? Who knows.

We have called on the Premier to release the report. Now.

How can I help?

You can call the Premier on 3719 7000.

Make sure you ask whether the Premier will be requesting the Department release the expert review. You can definitely ask that someone give you a call or email back with an answer.

If you'd like to make a second call, you could try Minister Enoch's office on 3719 7140 to ask the same question - will they release the expert review?

Of course, this was never **just** about one species of bird, precious as they are. It's about how the big parties twist the law, science and even reality to suit mining billionaires. Queensland Labor can keep fighting for Adani, or they can join us in fighting for real jobs, housing and justice for coal workers and coal towns.

Lots of people have called the Premier's office already. Thank you!