Four New Public Holidays

Queenslanders deserve a break. The Queensland Greens will create four new public holidays, bringing the total to sixteen days per year. 

Queenslanders are getting ripped off. Our economy is rigged to help big corporations instead of ordinary people.

More work, less pay

Good steady jobs are disappearing and wages are going nowhere. We have the lowest wage growth in decades. At the same time, corporate profits are surging to thirty-year records. The share of wages compared to profits has fallen to the lowest level since 1959.

Meanwhile, we are working longer hours and have less time with family and friends. Compared to other developed nations, Australians work longer and longer hours. According to data from the HILDA survey, 26% of Australians want to work fewer hours per week

Throughout history, workers have consistently demanded a shorter working week. Australian workers led the world in winning the five-day work week, and the eight-hour day. This is the next step. Official working hours have fallen from 60 hours per week to 38 hours today. Since the 1970s, many Australians have started working longer hours.

Four extra public holidays

Queenslanders deserve a break. The Queensland Greens will create four new public holidays, bringing the total to sixteen days per year.

Our plan would mean 2.4 million Queensland workers would get a chance to take a day off.

We live our lives in the space created by public holidays, annual leave and weekends. Extra public holidays means we can spend more time with families and loved ones, volunteering or building vibrant communities.

Queensland currently has just 12 public holidays.Through our history, we have slowly added extra public holidays. Our plan is the next step.

One proposal for extra holidays is: 

Proposals for four new Queensland public holidays

The Queensland Greens would consult widely on the extra public holidays, including with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in relation to the proposed day of significance for First Nations communities in Queensland

At least one of the extra days would fall between Queen’s Birthday in early October and Christmas Day on 25 December where there are currently no public holidays at all.

Economic effects of public holidays

The economy should be designed to work for ordinary people. A successful and prosperous economy is built on healthy and happy citizens.

The economic evidence on the impact of public holidays is mixed. There is evidence to suggest that any impact on overall production is actually deferred rather than lost. On the other hand, spending on food, hospitality and entertainment tends to rise on public holidays, helping those businesses. Evidence from China shows that when extra public holidays were created, consumer spending jumped around 15%.

Of course, extra leisure time, especially shared leisure time, will make happier, healthier citizens.

Workers in casual employment would benefit from four extra days of penalty rates if they were required to work the extra four days per year.

International comparisons

17 days Argentina, China
16 days South Korea, Japan
15 days Sweden, Chile
14 days Slovakia
13 days Belgium
12 days Queensland
10 days USA
8 days United Kingdom