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Qld State Policies (A-Z)

An orange chicken.
Read the full policy on pets, farmed, native and wild introduced animals.
Read the full policy about the arts, cultural activities and creative industries.
A beautiful green frog
Biodiversity and ecosystems maintain earth’s life and climate. Read the full policy.
Sea Ice Patterns.
Climate change is the single greatest threat to the viability of ecological systems and human societies. Read the full policy.
Braemar Power Station - Coal Seam Gas.
Coal & coal seam gas (CSG) mined in QLD is a major source of greenhouse gases on a national and global scale. Read the full policy.
Emblem of the legislative council chamber of the Parliament of New South Wales.
All individuals have a right to a safe, peaceful and ecologically sustainable existence, free from crime and fear of violence. Read the full policy.
A clock face.
More than twenty years after Queensland last trialled daylight saving, it is now time to trial daylight saving again. Read the full policy here.
Greens supporters at a media event during 2015 Queensland Election.
Our democratic and electoral institutions should aim to empower individuals. Read the full policy.
A person in a wheelchair.
All people, including those with disabilities, have a right to independence, self-determination and choices in their lives. Read the full policy.
Transparent chemistry glass tubes filled with substances.
A harm minimisation approach is the most appropriate way to reduce the adverse health, social and economic consequences of drug use. Read the full policy.
Man with tablet in hands
Queensland needs an economy that sustains the needs of its people and nature, now and for future generations. Read the full policy.
Education in a classroom
Accessible and affordable education is a necessary underpinning of a vibrant and progressive democracy. Read the full policy.
Wind turbines and solar panels - the future is in clean energy.
Read the full policy for building a distributed, diverse and competitive energy generation and storage system.
Banking and finance
Government financing is the preferred mechanism for funding public infrastructure. Read the full policy.
Fishing sustainably so future generations can do this requires intelligent management and a practical licensing regime. Read the full policy.
Flying Fox
Flying-foxes are of central importance to the long term health of key ecosystems in Queensland. Read the full policy.
Food and Agriculture - cows grazing in a field
Agriculture is a vital part of Queensland’s economy and cultural history. Read the full policy.
Problem gambling is a serious public health issue that negatively affects individuals, families and communities. Read the full policy.
An image of a woman checking the heartrate of a patient
Read the full policy on creating an effective health system.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Appropriate economic development will bring employment and prosperity to Indigenous communities. Read the full policy.
The Industrial Relations movement, an image of a protest
The Queensland government must make every effort to protect employees from the effects of anti-worker laws.
Law Enforcement, handcuffs
A just and effective law enforcement system protects the community. Read the full policy.
Manufacturing Industry
Our manufacturing sector needs to be ecologically sustainable. Read the full policy.
Mental Health, a person in a rainbow parachute
All people have a right to independence, self-determination and quality mental health care. Read the full policy.
Mining Site.
Queensland is in the midst of a massive export driven coal and coal seam gas 'rush'. Read the full policy.
A birdseye view of Brisbane City.
Done well, our planning and development system should make Queensland a better, fairer, healthier and more environmentally rich place to live and work both now and in the future.
Every Queenslander should have access to appropriate, safe, secure, sustainable and affordable housing. Read the full policy.
Reproductive rights
Read the full policy on Reproductive Rights.
Science and innovation
Innovations in science and technology are powerful drivers for success in business and industry. Read the full policy.
A man in a wheelchair
The state government must play a central role in the provision, regulation and support of aged care services. Read the full policy.
It is a human right to live free from discrimination, including on the basis of sexuality or gender identity. Read the full policy.
Global Economics.
Small business is an important mainstay of the Queensland economy. Read the full policy.
Wherever possible taxation should be progressive. Read the full policy.
The Whitsundays.
Tourism is an important contributor to the state’s economy and employment. Read the full policy.
A Brisbane City Council Bus.
Read the full Transport policy for a range of positive environmental, social, economic and public health outcomes.
University  students
Read the full policy covering natural inland and underground water resources, urban catchments, drinking water, and coastal receiving waters.
Read the full policy about a just and effective preventative and criminal justice system to protect children and youth in the community.