Great Barrier Reef Under Threat | Australian Greens

Great Barrier Reef Under Threat

The choice is stark – between greed and care, between dredging, dumping and shipping for new and expanded coal exports or protecting the Reef.

Our Reef Under Threat

The World Heritage Committee expressed "extreme concern" for the future of the Great Barrier Reef and warned that it could be placed on the World Heritage in Danger list if the dredging and shipping bonanza for new and expanded coal and gas ports continued.

The Australian and Queensland governments continue to treat the Reef like a coal and gas highway, and risk jeopardising the $6 billion tourism economy around our Reef, and the 67,000 jobs it supports in our coastal communities.

By announcing plans to give an eye-watering $1 billion to multi-national mining company Adani, the Federal Liberal and State Labor governments both turned their back on pre-election promises. If this mine goes ahead, it will unlock one of the largest coal reserves in the world -- an unthinkable risk to our Reef.