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Renew SA

100% clean energy powered by 2030

It's time to Renew SA

Australia’s economic future is clean and green, or it is no future at all. In South Australia, it is ground-breaking, clean energy projects that will revitalise our local economy, stimulate new industries and create hundreds of jobs. 

The Greens have a plan to create a jobs-rich, clean energy future for South Australia that will transition our state’s economy into the 21st century. Through the Greens’ new national government authority,

Through the Greens’ new national government authority, RenewAustralia, a 15-year pipeline of clean energy projects will be delivered through a combination of reverse auctions and direct investment.  

In South Australia, our flagship project will be a large-scale solar thermal plant in Port Augusta which would deliver 1000 construction jobs and 50 ongoing jobs for the local community.

Our plan

  • Power South Australia with 100% clean energy by 2030 using wind, solar thermal, solar PV
  • Invest $15 billion in clean energy in South Australia between 2016-2030
  • Create between  800 and 1000 full time design and construction jobs for the next 15 years
  • Provide a desperately-needed jobs boost to South Australia, and help it transition to a sustainable economy driven by advanced manufacturing, sustainable agriculture and clean energy

Our solar future 

Right now SolarReserve is looking at Port Augusta to build its next large-scale solar thermal plant, after its Nevada plant came online earlier this year. They are here with a tried-and-tested project, ready to create vital jobs for South Australia, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to take money out of ARENA threatens to chase Solar Reserve away from Port Augusta.

Creating jobs

South Australia faces a challenging jobs crisis. The future of South Australia, and the rest of the world, is built on a 21st century economy powered by  investment in advanced manufacturing, sustainable agriculture and clean energy. 

Last year, 250 jobs were lost in South Australia with the closure of the Leigh Creek coal mine and another 200 jobs will go in just a few weeks when Port Augusta’s coal fired power station closes its doors. 

The Whyalla community is reeling at the prospect of losing its major employer, Arrium, which would see thousands of jobs go from the region. Locally, sustainably made steel could be used in advanced manufacturing and renewable projects to ensure the longevity of this industry.

That is why we must urgently transition South Australia to a 21st-century economy and invest in the jobs and industries of our clean-energy future. 

Download our plan   Renew Australia: Watch the launch