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Respect Research

Australia depends on research, but governments repeatedly threaten research funds when setting federal budgets. This is short sighted. Research funding can't be turned on and off like a tap and it needs secure, long-term public support.

I pledge to respect research and I call on the government to: 

  1. Respect research as fundamental to our country's health and prosperity.
  2. Maintain public funding for all areas of research in the federal budget. As well, we should lift Australia's total spending on research and development to 4% of GDP, a target also set by the United States.
  3. Stop the 'brain drain' and back our researchers, scientists and educators by providing secure career pathways, more certain funding arrangements and the national infrastructure that equips people to make discoveries.
  4. Respect academic independence. The government should respect the process of peer-review and expert recommendations.
  5. Secure our future by ensuring children get a better understanding of science and research at school.