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Sick and suffering South Australians deserve compassion not criminalisation

We know that over 90% of Australians support legal access to medicinal cannabis and most of us probably think we achieved that goal 5 years ago when the federal laws were changed. 

Those patients that have tried to navigate this law know it doesn't really work and SA is the worst state in the nation when it comes to those patients gaining a prescription.   

Meanwhile people suffer and people die.

We've waited long enough for affordable access to medicinal cannabis. It is time states acted rather than waiting for the Feds to fix their broken scheme. 

Despite being 'technically' legal since 2016,  real access to affordable medicinal cannabis remains a pipe dream.

Even those patients who do manage to break through the bureaucratic barriers usually can't  afford to fill their prescriptions and find the black market is not only easier but much cheaper. 

Sick and suffering people are being made criminals rather than being treated as patients. Healers are prosecuted and treated as dealers and even the courts have said that this has to be fixed. Doctors have not been trained in the use of cannabis as a medicine and even if they are informed they are overwhelmed by the federal scheme's red tape. 

It doesn't have to be this way. We need compassionate access so we can provide patients with relief from pain and suffering.

The Greens have a plan for compassionate access to medicinal cannabis in South Australia, but we need your support to convince the parliament to act swiftly - not keep waiting for the federal scheme to be fixed. 

Sign our petition to tell the State Parliament that patients need access to medicinal cannabis now.