Protect our Park Lands

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The Adelaide Park Lands... if you love them, list them!

The Adelaide Park Lands are an iconic and cherished part of South Australia. Adelaide remains the only city in the world surrounded by parklands that are open for everybody to enjoy.

But the Park Lands continue to shrink.

Successive Labor and Liberal governments continue to sell off parts of the Park Lands, and each generation loses a little bit more. 

The Government’s plan to build a new ‘Mounted Operations Unit’ for SAPOL on the Park Lands is yet another erosion of our iconic green space.

Once sections of the Park Lands disappear, there's no way to reclaim them. We need urgent action to protect our cultural, historic and environmental heritage, before this unique part of SA is lost forever.

The Greens are fighting to: 

Add the Park Lands to the State and World Heritage lists
Stop the SA Police Mounted Operations Unit development
Stop selling off our public green spaces

Momentum is building in the campaign to protect the Park Lands but we need your help.

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