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From bushfires to extreme heat and drought, climate change is threatening the South Australian community, environment and our jobs.

South Australia has led the country in embracing renewable energy technology. Now we can lead the way again by establishing 100% publicly owned renewable energy, providing free public transport and investing in the clean, green manufacturing jobs of the future.

We can do all of this by making mining corporations, developers and banks pay their fair share.

The Greens will:

  • Revive the Electricity Trust of South Australia as publicly owned generator, as well as sole retailer and network provider
  • Invest $8.7 billion over four years in 7125MW of publicly owned renewable energy and storage
  • Create 9,600 jobs a year installing and maintaining solar, wind and battery storage
  • Set aside $2 billion of the investment to provide free solar and storage for 200,000 renters, social housing and low income households