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TAFE SA is in crisis and the Greens are asking for your help to call the Weatherill Government to account and put TAFE back in public hands.

We want to see the best system possible for South Australian staff and students alike.

With a recent announcement of 14 out of 16 courses found to be substandard by an ASQA audit with enrolments suspended and the Chairman and the Chief Executive dismissed, the Greens are repeating their pleas from 2012 to restore the public system.

Students are being disadvantaged, which leaves their futures in jeopardy. We want to see a VET Ombudsman installed immediately to help those students and staff struggling with the broken corporatised body and ensure South Australian TAFE students are getting the education they were promised.

We know there are many responsible, ethical private providers offering our students a wealth of education and experience, and we support those bodies. However, we need to unpick the fabric of corporatisation and restore a strong public TAFE sector with full ministerial accountability.

Let’s start by identifying skills shortages before they require Visas, let’s ensure every course is working to the same ethical and responsible standard, and let’s save TAFE.

Sign the petition to call on the government to restore the public TAFE system.

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