Beth Leese

Candidate for Stuart

Hi, I am Beth.

I’m running because I believe that South Australian rural and regional towns deserve better. Together, we can ensure that no one is left behind.

I grew up in this area and went to school here. Through spending my childhood and schooling life here, I have formed a deep connection to this area, the communities, and the people. I have experienced first hand the beauty and freedom of living in the country but also the many inequities that come with it. Especially when it comes to access to healthcare services which should not be a sacrifice people have to make. I see the need for improvement and the many people in these small communities who are fighting for these improvements. 

I am currently studying with the hopes of becoming a lawyer. In my career I wish to work in ensuring our judicial system, and all systems, are equally accessible regardless of your location, job, or income. 

We deserve better and deserve to have a representative that actually listens to us and acts in our best interests. 

Together, we can…

  • Tackle climate change by rapidly transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy
  • Ensure everyone has a home
  • Fund world class public schools, hospitals, public transport and social services
  • Work with First Peoples to establish a path for sovereignty and meaningful treaties.

I understand how difficult it can be to access services in rural and regional South Australia. I know how disappointing it is to be represented by someone who fails to listen to their community. I will listen to the communities, as they know what they need, and endeavour to act in their best interests whilst holding  the major parties accountable for their shortcomings.