Busby Cavanagh

Candidate for Enfield

Hi, I’m Busby

I’m your candidate for the seat of Enfield in the 2022 South Australian state election! By running a grassroots, people-driven campaign I believe that together we can eventually turn Enfield Green.

I’m running for Enfield because, as a home renter in Nailsworth, I love the diversity present in our community and would love to see that better reflected in our representatives. I don’t believe any of the other political parties hold the interests of the community above their own; instead, parties consistently put profit over people. We deserve a better class of politicians than we have now.

Climate change, social and economic justice, and opposition to privatisation schemes are three of my most defining areas of interest. It is often the case that, as a young activist, few policy programmes seem to go far enough in aiding the Australian working class as they toil under a system dominated by its elites. The South Australian Greens’ Bold Vision for SA, however, is a policy plan that is worth fighting for.

By electing progressive voices into parliament like Rob Simms MLC and Yesha Joshi, we can make SA a fairer and more equitable state. Together, we can:

  • Tackle climate change by rapidly transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy
  • Work with First Peoples to establish a path for sovereignty and meaningful treaties
  • Ensure everyone has a home and a secure job

At the next federal and state elections, make sure that you Vote [1] Greens for climate justice and a true fair go for all South Australians