Dr. Kathryn Hardwick-Franco

Candidate for Flinders

Hi, I’m Dr. Kathryn,

I am running because Australia needs strong action regarding the Climate Crisis, informed by contemporary research. We also need honourable, caring people in parliament who support equitable distribution of funding and support.

I have lived, worked, researched, parented and volunteered across Flinders electorate for nearly 25 years. The Flinders electorate is world famous for the pristine environment, and clean green food; our artistic and sporting achievements are world-class. The community spirit includes significant contributions from First Nations peoples. I am proud of my community and its achievements; there is much more to achieve.

My electorate deserves to be represented by me – a person with deep integrity, a person with deep conviction, a person who is willing to speak out and represent our interests in parliament. My family, friends, colleagues and community partners deserve a person like me, an honourable, honest, host, from a political party that stands for the grassroots interests of the people. No longer a safe seat, the voters are choosing Green.

I have studied all my life, in parallel to being a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, researcher and community volunteer. I volunteer for the arts, sports and environment.

The people across the Flinders Electorate, Eyre Peninsula, can win this election! There are so many environmental, social, equity, and employment issues impacting Flinders – and it is policies of the Greens that policies address, placing Greens as the front runners to win Flinders. Voting Greens is a vote for the people of Flinders.

I am running because what I learned about the climate crisis during my PhD research leaves me with no choice – with the knowledge I now hold, I am morally obligated to stand for the Greens, offering voters hope. People can vote for me; a person who understands the connection between politics, environment, family and community. The alternatives place the few at the big end of town front and centre – the Greens place equity at the centre of policy. Flinders electorate is ready to implement the solutions to the climate crisis, economic and social equity and I have the contacts ready to implement these solutions.

Together, we can

  • Tackle climate change by rapidly transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy.
  • Ensure everyone has a home and a secure job.
  • Work with First Peoples to establish a path for sovereignty and meaningful treaties.

I’ll represent our community as an honourable parliament, holding the major parties to account. Together we can create a fair and equitable society in which people prosper through employment in industries that will tackle the climate crisis, while supporting people to commit to social justice, caring for all.