Matt Farrell

Candidate for Hindmarsh

Hi, I’m Matt.

As a passionate conservationist and activist, I’m excited to run as your Greens candidate for Hindmarsh because I know tackling climate change and the decline in biodiversity are some of the biggest challenges facing us – and we must act now.

I hope to bring my wide range of experience to Parliament – from my extensive studies and work in conservation and land management, to my years as a local business owner and being part of the gig economy, I hope to make a difference to how people and land are treated in Australia.

As an experienced campaigner and advocate, I have stood up for the environment and social equity countless times. While the protection and restoration of the environment is important to me, I know this means little without addressing social inequalities as well. I want to see essential services back in public hands and a much greater investment in all areas of society. I will be a strong advocate for protecting the most vulnerable among us.

I’m always up for a chat and hope to use my strong communication and community engagement skills to help improve the lives of all Australians.

Matt Farrell

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